On your homepage along with MEP count, kcal count and personal goals, you can also view your social connections recent workouts feeds. Like and post comments to encourage each other!

Effort Stream

Using bluetooth connectivity of the MZ-3 belt you can view your live effort on your smartphone. Your Live Tile displays name, calories burnt, heart rate, MEP earnings, and also in the center is your percentage of maximum efforts. With MZ-3 belt your effort readings will always be on your fingertips.

Data Uploading

MYZONE App uploads your workout data directly to the cloud which helps to review and track progress over time.

Activity Calendar

The activity calendar is where you can view your last three years of daily exercise data minute-by-minute breakdowns of your past workouts. So you can look back and gauge your progress.

Activity Graph

View a detailed, minute-by-minute breakdowns of your past workouts in a colorful graph. Helps you to as certain which workouts are most effective.

Effort Over Time

While horizontally viewing your Activity Graph you can view your Efforts. The red line represents guidline suggested by World Health Organization and green line depicts your efforts and goals.

Social Connections

You can add new connections straight from the App, hence adding new friends and staying accountable easier. You can start and end the month with a competitive edge using the monthly leaderboard that zeros out on 1st of every month.


Start your challenge or enter group challenges - thereby stay motivated to achieve higher goals.

Trainer Integration

Features like body shot photo updates, food logging target, helps to assess client's progress. This accountability gives better results.

Food Log

In-app food logging features allows to click pictures of food you eat. These images are shared with trainer and social connections - this results in better accountability and higher motivations.

Body Metrics

Your body metrics are tracked by MYZONE over time. Hence you can visually see how the process of earning MEPs motivates to better health and fitness results.

Apple Health

The MYZONE App is able to integrate with the Apple Health platform. All data like weight, height, BMI, BMR, blood pressure, body fat and heart rate can be shared with the Apple Health App.