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Welcome to MYZONEⓇ

MYZONE helps keep you motivated by offering accurate tracking of your effort levels through heart-rate monitoring technology. Through goal setting, social accountability, fun challenges and the opportunity to earn badges and climb status rankings, we make working out fun and engaging to help keep you on track. It's no secret that if you put in the effort required you'll get the results you want, and if you don't, you won't - MYZONE is here to help make sure you do!

MZ-3 Overview


Unlike activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, the MYZONE MZ-3 belt monitors your heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise.

The technology guarantees accurate and personalized results that will help you make the most of your workouts. MYZONE features a unique point system that levels the playing field to keep exercise competitive. With MYZONE–no matter your capabilities–you get rewarded for effort, not fitness.

Watch this video to see the MZ-3 in action.

Pairing Your Belt

Once you’ve registered your MZ-3 belt it’s time to start pairing your belt and getting synced up with the free MYZONE App!

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device
  2. Open up the MYZONE App
  3. Go to the Effort Stream screen
  4. Properly put on your MZ-3 belt
  5. Once connected, you should see your belt ID number on the top of the screen in the green box and your tile should now be active and recording your workout!

Note: The MZ-3 should only be paired with one app at a time.

Wearing Your Belt

Wearing your belt is easy and comfortable. Position the belt so that the center piece is directly below your chest, on top of your sternum.

To maintain a consistent and stable connection, your MYZONE belt should be secured firmly around your body. When you hear one beep, your heartbeat has been detected. Now make sure to sync with the app and then you’re ready to go!


MZ-50 Overview

The MZ-50 Watch is a great way to monitor your exercise data right form your wrist.

The MZ-50 features include:

  • Displays real time data from your MZ-3
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm & interval timer
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Perfect training partner for when you can’t carry your smartphone
  • Displays heart rate, MEPs, calories & effort
  • Water resistant



Live Tile Overview

Understanding your Live Tile is the key to a successful, productive workout with MYZONE! Check out the diagram below to become familiar with all the data that your tile offers you.

The % on your tile is a % of your effort or maximum heart rate (MHR).

The equation for estimating your max heart rate is 206-0.7 x your age. This is an estimate but for some users, actual MHR may be higher or lower.

Note: If you achieve a higher MHR when wearing the belt, your MHR and zones will be automatically adjusted.


Challenges Overview

Challenges in groups or with friends can be a fun way to tap into the power of competition and camaraderie!

Exercise is made fun with gamification features, including real-time leaderboards that show you who is currently on top.

Goals Overview

Setting personal goals sets you up for success and can help keep you motivated!

As you exercise you’ll see your position along the progress bar, helping you stay on track toward achieving your goals. Your progress can be tracked through the MYZONE App or by logging in to your online account.


Register Overview


If you purchased online, your device is pre-registered, all you need to do is download the MYZONE app, log in, and you are ready to go!

If you physically purchased your device from a MYZONE partner facility, follow the steps in the Web Registration or App Registration pages to get started.



When you wear your belt outside the range of a MYZONE receiver, your belt will automatically record your workouts (up to 16 hours of exercise data can be stored).

To see if you still have workout data stored on your belt, check your account online or through the app to see when you last completed an upload.

App Overview

The MYZONE App is an easy way to keep track of all your workout data on the go. It’s available from the App Store and on Google Play, and it’s free!

Participate in challenges, view workout history, connect with friends, and much more. If you’re a trainer, you’ll love our food logging and target tracking features that make it easy to connect with your clients no matter where they are.

Make sure to add a profile picture and customize your account so you can be found by friends!




  • Wet the rubber sensors when you wear your belt to improve connection.
  • Ensure the rubber sensors remain in contact with your skin throughout your workout to avoid interruption in data.
  • If your connection is inconsistent, try moving your belt sideways to different positions around your chest until a solid signal is found.



The module and watch are covered by warranty for 12 months and the red strap is covered for 3 months. If you are experiencing problems with your belt in any way, contact our support team and we’ll do everything we can to get you sorted out.



With offices in the US, UK, and Australia, you can be sure that someone is available to answer your questions no matter what time it is.


For support click HERE or tap ‘SUPPORT’ in the MYZONE app and a team member will be there to help.



The MYZONE App is the easiest way to keep track of your exercise effort on the go.


The app makes it easy for you to stream your activity, upload your data, and review your results from your smartphone.


Download the MYZONE App via the App Store or Google Play by searching for MYZONE.




App Upload

Uploading workout data through your smartphone can be done by following these steps:

01. Make sure your phone has bluetooth turned on.

02. Open the MYZONE App and tap the EFFORT STREAM

Note: If this is your first time using the app, you will be prompted to pair your belt ( you must be wearing the belt during the pairing process).

03. Once paired, the tile on EFFORT STREAM should populate with your nickname and data, and the bottom of your screen will update your successful upload data.


Web Registration


Registration online is simple! Just follow these steps:


01. Go to, click ‘Register Your Belt’ and follow the prompts.


Necessary information for registration:


  • Facility ID number (supplied by partner facility)
  • Belt ID number (located on the back of the black module)


Note: You do not need to enter the “SN”, just the numbers that follow.


02. In order to ensure your MYZONE readings are as accurate as possible, enter your gender, height, weight, and date of birth.

03. Once you’re finished, click Submit and then log in to your personal profile with the email address and password you used to register.





Club Upload

Uploading your data in a partner facility is easy! Most of the time you probably don’t even notice when it happens. However, if you’re having trouble during a club upload, try these steps:

Step 1: Stand within 10 feet of a MYZONE receiver while wearing your belt.

Step 2: When your name and the current time appear on the feed at the foot of the display screen, your upload is complete and your belt is empty. Your workout data will now be viewable through your online MYZONE account.


In the Club

When inside a partner club, your belt information will be streamed to displays in the form of a color-coded, easy-to-read tile.

Your belt data will not be detected through walls; it requires line of sight and no obstruction, so make sure you are in direct range of the receiver. (Wearing it under a shirt is fine.)

If you block the signal (by facing backwards away from the facility receiver, lying down in a plank position, or go out of range) the signal may be compromised and in that case the data will store to memory on the belt. Your data will then upload when the signal is restored.


In the App

The MZ-3 Belt uses bluetooth connectivity to display your live tile right on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

To navigate to your live tile, open the App menu and tap “Effort Stream.” Note that you must be wearing y0ur belt for the tile to activate.



MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are awarded for every minute spent exercising in your personal intensity zones. The more effort, the more MEPs! Challenges, personal goals, and rankings are all based off of your MEP count.

When looking at your live tile, you can find your current MEP count in the bottom right corner.


Tile Colors

Live tile colors represent the zone you’re working in according to your effort.

  • Grey = 50-59%  – Earns 1 MEP/minute
  • Bule = 60-69%  – Earns 2 MEPs/minute
  • Green = 70-79%  – Earns 3 MEPs/minute
  • Yellow = 80-89%  – Earns 4 MEPs/minute
  • Red = 90-100%  – Earns 4 MEPs/minuteNote: exercising in the Red Zone will continue to earn you 4 MEPs/min because MYZONE does not want to encourage overtraining by rewarding the Red Zone with 5 MEPs.


Create Challenge

Sometimes you want to take on your friends to see who comes out on top. With challenges, you can! Follow these steps to create a new group challenge:

In App: From the App menu, tap Challenges, then Tap “Create Challenge” near the bottom of screen.

Online: Log in to your MYZONE account. Scroll down to the section labeled “Challenge Snapshot.” Click “Challenge a Friend.”

Set Goals

Setting personal goals for yourself is a great way to stay motivated! Follow these easy steps to set a new goal.

In App: From home, tap goals, then tap “Set new personal goal”

Online: Log in to your MYZONE account. Scroll down to the section labeled “Personal Goals.” Click “Create a Personal Goal.”

Entering Information

To ensure that your MZ-50 displays accurate information, make sure to enter in your personal data so that it matches your online MYZONE account.

01. From the time screen, press ‘mode’ 6 x to show your personal information screen.

02. Hold ‘mode’ for 2 seconds to enable editing.

03. Tap the ‘adjust’ button to edit the settings and press ‘mode’ to move to next setting.

04. You will need to enter your DOB, gender, weight, height and max HR shown on your MYZONE account to ensure accurate data is displayed.



Watch + Belt Pairing

Pairing your belt with your MZ-3 will allow you to monitor your effort live on your wrist! To pair, follow these steps:

01. Ensure you are wearing your MYZONE belt.

02. From the time screen, press ‘mode’ once to show the HRM screen.

03. Hold ‘mode’ for 2 seconds to enable editing.

04. Enter your belt serial number in reverse order. Use the ‘adjust’ button to change the number. Press ‘mode’ to move to the next number.

05. Continue to press ‘mode’ until ‘PAIR’ starts to flash at the top of the screen.

06. ‘YES’ will indicate that pairing is complete! You made it!




The MYZONE App is the best way to monitor your activity with the help of the MZ-3 Belt!

Download the MYZONE® App via the App Store or Google Play by searching for MYZONE. The App has several features that make it easy for you to stream your activity, upload your data, and review your results from your smartphone. You’re also able to monitor your activity calendar, workout graphs, and challenges, as well as upload personal before and after photos and keep a picture food diary.



Charging your module is easy. Simply connect the module to a USB port using the provided charging cable. The module will flash red when charging and will appear solid green when charged.

You will receive an alert email when the battery is low. Low battery will also be indicated on the user website, but not the app. Make sure to charge the belt module at least once per month.



The MZ-3 belt strap is comfortable, adjustable, and washable. Make sure to write your name on it in case you leave it at your club! If you need a new replacement strap at any time, they are available from our online store.



The MZ-3 Module is the key to the functionality of the MZ-3 belt. Try not to lose it!

The  module has 16 hours of storage, which means you can exercise outside of the suggested range and the belt will continue to store your data. The back on your module has a serial number on it. This is your unique Belt ID, and will be needed during registration of your MZ-3 belt.

To charge your module, connect the included charging cable to the Righthand button, and plug the other end into a USB port.


App Registration


Registering your belt through the MYZONE App is easy! Just follow these three steps:


01. Open the app, tap ‘Register Your Belt’ and follow the prompts.


Necessary Information for registration:


  • Facility ID number (supplied by partner facility)
  • Belt ID number (located on the back of the black module)


Note: You do not need to enter the “SN”, just the numbers that follow.


02. In order to ensure your MYZONE readings are as accurate as possible, enter your gender, height, weight, and date of birth.

03. Once you’re finished, tap Submit then log in to your personal profile with the email address and password you used to register.

Using your MZ-3

Q: How do I use my MYZONE MZ-3?
Your MZ-3 picks up electrical signals generated by the contractions of your heart. To be effective, your MZ-3 belt must be worn under your clothing to make proper contact with your skin. To wear it, place the module in the center of your chest on top of your sternum with the logo facing out. The MZ-3 should fit snugly but comfortably around your chest.

Q: How do I adjust the size of my MYZONE MZ-3?
You adjust the strap size using the plastic adjusters. To shorten it, use both hands to pull the adjusters apart. To lengthen it, hold one end in one hand and use your other hand to pull the upper adjuster downwards.

Q: When should I use my MYZONE MZ-3?
You can use your MYZONE MZ-3 during any concerted physical activity, whether that’s at a gym or sports facility, out walking or anything that makes your heart work!

Q: Can I use my MYZONE MZ-3 outside of my MYZONE facility?
If you are live streaming your session to the MYZONE App, your data is regularly uploading to your account. If you workout without live streaming to the App, your belt will store the data until you open your Effort Stream while wearing your belt, or until you stand within range of the MYZONE receiver at your facility. You will see an updated date and time at the bottom of the Effort Stream page upon successful upload. Keep in mind that your belt has 14 to 16 hours of stored data capacity.

Q: How do I know my belt is working?
The belt will beep one time when the belt is activated and 3 times when you take it off.

Q: How is my heart rate displayed on the screen in my MYZONE facility?
Once you have created your MYZONE account at, your MYZONE MZ-3 is automatically detected by the MYZONE receiver in the facility when you are within range. On the screen you will have a dedicated tile that shows your nickname, calories burnt, current heart rate in beats per minute, MYZONE Effort Points and in the center, a % of your maximum effort.

Q: What do the beeps mean?
The belt will beep one time when the belt is activated, and 3 times when there has been 15 seconds of inactivity.
Note: Remember to be within 15 feet of a MYZONE receiver or your MYZONE App to successfully upload your workout.

Q: How long will my MZ-3 battery last?
The battery will need to be recharged every 3-4 months based on usage by connecting the recharge dongle to a USB port or USB charger.

Q: How does my workout data upload to my MYZONE account?
Your personal workout data is wirelessly updated to your MYZONE account using the MYZONE App. Simply live stream or upload a stored workout to the Effort Stream.

Q: How do I know my data has been successfully uploaded?
If you are live streaming your session, your data is regularly updating to your account. If you workout without live streaming to the App, your belt will store the data until you open your efforts stream while wearing your belt. You will see an update date and time at the bottom of the effort stream page when you upload stored data. Keep in mind that your belt has 14 to 16 hours of stored data capacity.

Q: When will I receive my reports and be able to view my data online?
Within 30 minutes of your upload, you will receive an email report to your nominated email account of your latest session. On the email, there will be a link to Data will be immediately available on your account or on your MYZONE App.

Q: How many hours worth of data will my MZ-3 store before I have to upload it at my MYZONE facility?
The MYZONE MZ-3 has a unique MYZONE memory that allows Approximately 14 to 16 hours of activity to be stored while exercising away from the MYZONE facility. It is recommended that you upload your activities as often as possible.

Q: Can I upload my data at home?
Yes, your belt stores data away from your MYZONE facility and will upload it to your account both when the belt is connected to the MYZONE App and upon returning to range of the MYZONE Hub at your facility.

Q: How secure is my personal data?
Your MYZONE data is stored on multiple servers using data encryption. This ensures that the data is stored safely and can only be viewed by you and based on your permissions, MYZONE and your MYZONE facility. See privacy policy for further information.

Q: Do I need my own MYZONE MZ-3?
All MYZONE users own their MZ-3. This allows you to create your own MYZONE account online and view your personal activity data over time.

Q: Can I have more than one MYZONE MZ-3?
You are only able to register 1 MYZONE MZ-3 per MYZONE facility and email address.

Q: I have a hairy chest. Can I still wear a MYZONE MZ-3?
Yes. You may, however, need to moisten the contact pads located on the fabric strap to improve the conductivity of the pads.

Q: I have a heart condition, should I take any special precautions when wearing my MYZONE MZ-3?
Yes. You should alert your instructor/teacher or person who has issued your MZ-3 of any heart condition or of any medication that you are taking. They will then be able to advise you at which intensities to exercise. The MZ-3 is not a medical device. As always, it is important to consult a physician prior to starting any exercise program.

Q: Can I use my MYZONE MZ-3 with gym equipment and other heart rate watches?
Yes. The MYZONE MZ-3 has an analogue 5.3 KHz frequency radio which is compatible with most brands of traditional cardiovascular equipment. This will also allow connectivity with most analogue heart rate watches. The MYZONE MZ-3 may pair with ANT+ devices however this should be tested on a case by case basis. Lastly, the MZ-3 has the ability to pair with any Bluetooth device.

Q: Is the MYZONE MZ-3 waterproof?
Although the MYZONE MZ-3 is waterproof, it is not appropriate to gather data while swimming due to water causing the strap to regularly detach from the chest.

Q: How can I replace the battery in my MZ-3?
The MZ-3 is rechargeable so there is no need to replace the battery.

Understanding Heart Rate Training

Q: What is Max Heart Rate?
Maximum heart rate is the highest heart rate an individual can safely achieve through exercise stress.

Q: How does MYZONE calculate my MAX heart rate?
MYZONE uses a formula derived by Londeree and Moeschberger (University of Missouri) to automatically establish you age predictive MAX HR:

Max HR = 206.3 – (0.711 x age)

This is based on population norms. If you are able to push your maximum HR past this limit your MYZONE profile will automatically adjust to this new limit. You can also ask your coach/trainer/teacher to adjust your maximum heart rate if it does not Appear to be accurate or if you have completed a maximum heart rate test.

Q: Will my MAX heart rate change over time?
Your maximum heart rate will reduce as you get older. It will not change aside from this although your ability to maintain a higher heart rate will increase with training.

Q: What is resting heart rate and will my resting heart rate change over time?
Resting heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute at rest. It is best to measure this first thing in the morning. As you become fitter, your resting heart rate will reduce as your heart becomes more efficient. Resting heart rate is not used in the calculation of MEPs for any information on your tile. It is only for informational purposes.

Q: How does MYZONE establish my resting heart rate?
MYZONE sets your resting heart rate to 100bpm (beats per minute) as standard. When you first register your belt it is recommended that you perform a resting heart rate test. This involves sitting or lying comfortably while wearing your belt for 10 minutes, ideally in the morning. When you next upload your data at the MYZONE Console your resting heart rate will recalculate to your actual resting value. You can also ask your coach/trainer/teacher to adjust your resting heart rate if it does not Appear to be accurate or if you have completed a resting heart rate test.

Q: How does MYZONE calculate the 5 intensity Zones?
MYZONE uses five color-coded Heart Rate Zones to establish the effort that users exert based on their maximum heart rate (Max HR). The effort is expressed as a percentage of the user’s Max HR.
The five Heart Rate Zones are:
• Grey = 50% to 59% of Max HR
• Blue = 60% to 69% of Max HR
• Green = 70% to 79% of Max HR
• Yellow = 80% to 89% of Max HR
• Red = 90% to 100% of Max HR

Q: What are MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs)?
MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are earned based on the effort exerted by the user. Time spent in each Heart Rate Zone earns different numbers of MEPs:

• Grey = 1 MEPs per minute
• Blue = 2 MEPs per minute
• Green = 3 MEPs per minute
• Yellow = 4 MEPs per minute
• Red = 4 MEPs per minute

The red zone does not exceed 4 MEPs per minute because MYZONE does not want to encourage over training, which can be harmful.

Q: How does MYZONE calculate caloric expenditure?
MYZONE calculates the number of calories burnt by taking into account a number of personal details including your gender, age, weight and every heart beat.

Q: Is it important for me to update my body metrics regularly?
Yes. As calories burnt are calculated based on your weight, it is important that you regularly update your weight. You can do this either manually in your Outcomes Page or by using Approved compatible MYZONE scales. For more information on using MYZONE compatible scales, see the “more info tab” within your account under health report.

Q: What’s the best way to determine if my fitness has improved using heart rate?
By measuring your resting heart rate over a period of time or by repeating an identical exercise session and comparing your average heart rate in your MYZONE Activity report. When your resting or average heart rate goes down, your heart is becoming more efficient and therefore you are increasing your level of fitness.

Q: What affects my heart rate response day to day?
Many factors affect your resting and heart rate during exercise including the amount of sleep you have had, stress, nutrition, hydration, heavy training, fatigue, adrenaline, competition, and mental focus.

Q: Why is it so important to monitor heart rate and how much effort I am putting in?
Knowing what intensity you are working at is essential to ensure you get the most from your exercise sessions and get the results you want. It also assists you to train safely and effectively when not under the guidance of a trainer or coach.

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